TOKAI Clarion

Tokai Clarion is a trading company specializing in in-vehicle equipment.
Our headquarters are located in Nagoya, Aichi.

Aichi is the home of Toyota Motor Corporation.
It is very close to Suzuka Circuit and as such has one of the most developed automotive industries in Japan.

Tokai Clarion has been serving our customers in this region for over 60 years and includes - automotive dealers, car leasing companies, bus companies and truck transportation companies. We sell various in-vehicle equipment essential to modern day vehicles, such as vehicle navigation systems, drive recorders and rearview cameras.



Tokai Clarion sells in-vehicle equipment to virtually all dealers of Japanese vehicle manufacturer, including Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Daihatsu, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda, Subaru and Volkswagen. We boast an annual sales record of approximately 20,000 genuine parts navigation and 14,000 aftermarket navigation.

Moreover, to date, we have sold products to all Japanese AV equipment manufacturers, namely Clarion, Pioneer, Panasonic, Alpine, Eclipse, JVC Kenwood and more.

Regarding Japan’s sightseeing buses, Tokai Clarion boasts the top share in the domestic market for the sale of in-vehicle equipment such as audio-visual equipment. In recent years there has been a high demand for rearview cameras on large vehicles such as trucks and we sell approximately 1,500 units annually.


For public transport buses, we have the ability to make proposals that will solve our customers’ various problems; namely the development of audio guidance and digital signage, as well as a service utilizing communication networks that delivers users location information.

Another of our major strengths is that we possess the people who have the skills to install in-vehicle equipment in-house. We install over 3000 units per year, focusing mainly on commercial vehicles, and to achieve this it is important to be familiarized with the many different vehicle structure specifications, and, for vehicles with a prolonged service life such as buses and trucks, accurately store information on any work performed in the past.


Tokai Clarion is also confident of its aftermarket maintenance service, through which an ongoing and firm relationship of trust is forged with our customers. Our attention to fine detail, a trait strongly emphasized by Japanese people, is the reason we have continued to be highly-regarded by our customers over the years.

For example, we promise to complete repairs of most car audio systems in 3 days. Moreover, our repair repeat rate is less than 1%. We even have engineers who can support the premium audio system, McIntosh.



Japan’s automotive industry and transportation systems are about to reach a significant turning point.
Amidst this, we feel it is important that we contribute to the advancement of ITS (Intelligent Traffic Systems). By developing in-vehicle services utilizing information technology which will be fundamental to future transportation systems, i.e. communication networks, vehicle information databases and so on, we can offer our customers both convenience and safety.

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